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Country: Portraits of an American Sound

Directed by Steven Kochones, produced by Arclight Productions and commissioned by Annenberg Space for Photography Films, the film features imagery and commentary by Grand Ole Opry photographer Les Leverett, iconic music photographers Henry Diltz and Raeanne Rubenstein, celebrity portraitist Leigh Wiener, documentarian Henry Horenstein, and contemporary shooters David McClister and Michael Wilson. Over 20 country music artists also appear, including Rosanne Cash, Roy Clark, Merle Haggard, Lyle Lovett, Charley Pride, LeAnn Rimes, Kenny Rogers, The Band Perry and Keith Urban. The film also features songs by Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift and more.

Country: Portraits of an American Sound' is a documentary film that explores the history and culture of country music through the lens of photography, which has portrayed the ideals, lifestyle and personalities of country music artists for over 80 years. The film weaves iconic images, historical footage and over 25 country music hits into a dynamic look at this uniquely American sound.